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Testnet: Quest into the Polyverse

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for the Polymer ecosystem — launching the Polyverse Testnet. Polymer invites developers and other infrastructure operators to explore the potential of interoperability within the Superchain. As an initiative to honor developers instrumental to Ethereum’s scalability via Layer-2 infra, cross-chain application development, and advancing IBC in the Cosmos ecosystem, we’re offering rewards for their past contributions.

Ecosystem & Education

This category is all about learning together about Polymer and the greater surrounding ecosystem. Feel free to develop and share educational materials that could help others learn.


This category is all about building! Discuss Polymer, ask technical questions, explore the IBC framework, and find development resources.


This category will be all about infrastructure. You’ll be able to discuss running your own relayers and participate in the Polymer network.


Discover what other folks are building with Polymer and connect with fellow builders! Use this category to showcase what you are working on, connect with other developers to collaborate, give each other feedback.

Feedback & Support

Have a suggestion for the forum? Find an issue? Use this category to let us know.

Technical Questions

This category is dedicated to discussions around the technical aspects, challenges, and advancements related to Polymer. It serves as a centralized space for developers, enthusiasts, and scholars interested in exploring the intricacies of cross-chain interoperability within the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond. It’s a resource for developers to query, advise, and share findings on implementing and optimizing these technologies in projects.