Awesome-Polymer Repository: A Hub for Polymer Tools, Resources, and Applications

Hello Polymer Community!

Phase 1 of our testnet has officially come to a close. We are no longer accepting submissions to our Demo Dapps repo. We have created a new repo to highlight some awesome work that our community has built! This is also going to be used as a way to keep encouraging our community to build on top of Polymer! Since, although the testnet phase 1 is over, we are still going to continue to encourage contributions as community achievements. And we are going to focus on those who keep contributing! Thank you all for the work thus far!

I’m excited to share a valuable resource that could significantly enhance your Polymer projects: the awesome-polymer repository! This repository is a curated list of tools, resources, and applications built on Polymer, serving as an extensive extension of the previous community-demo-apps repo.

What is Awesome-Polymer? The awesome-polymer repository is designed to showcase a wide range of Polymer-based projects. It highlights tools, resources and community projects that extend beyond applications. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, solutions to common problems, or the latest in Polymer innovations, this repository is your go-to hub.

Why Check Out Awesome-Polymer?

  • Discover Tools: Find tools that can streamline your development process or enhance your application’s capabilities.
  • Learn Through Resources: Access tutorials, guides, and blogs that can help you become a Polymer expert.
  • Explore Community Projects: See what others in the community are building. Get inspired by their projects and perhaps even collaborate.

Contribute Your Own Projects Awesome-Polymer is not just for consumption—it’s also for contribution. If you have a tool, resource, or project that you think the Polymer community would find useful, consider adding it to the repository. It’s a great way to give back and gain visibility for your work.

Join Us! Dive into the awesome-polymer repository today and start exploring. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting out with Polymer, there’s something here for everyone. Join the community in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with Polymer!