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I have a question, in the last campaign I didn’t post the proof because I was waiting for the status “delivered”, which in my case took so much time that after some time (ending with the status confirmed) it was no longer possible to follow this transaction further… How can I better prepare well for the next round ?


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Hey @GoldenBEE,

One way to check the full packet lifecycle is IBC Explorer.

When you click on a packet you will get a pop-up with Sent Tx, Rcv Tx, Ack Tx, which are the transactions of the full lifecycle of the packet.

Another great community tool that was developed by @stevenlei is which also provided insides on the full packet lifecycle.

Hope this helps!


Thank you very much for your reply and being helpful :slight_smile: In my case there was a problem of the type,that I checked non-stop from time to time my transaction at what level it is and after 6 h was already on the status Confirmed and already had Rcv Tx. But when I waited another 4 h so as to see the Delivery status, the transaction disappeared from IBC Explorer. I read that you can only check a certain number of transactions here, because after some time they are replaced by new ones.

Is there any way to do it ? I saw that many people shared the status of Relaying, but I would like to do according to the instructions in a pinned message on discord Channel 16-17 and Delivery status.

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Hey @GoldenBEE, we are actively working on improving our explorer solutions to better index Polymer transactions to enhance the devX and UX of interacting with Polymer.

The team will keep the discord and forum up-to-date with progress we make on the explorer.

This issue you outlined is a top priority for use and we would are adding the ability to be able to search and view transactions that occur farther back historically.

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Thank you very much for your interest in my question and your response,