Polymer Hub vs Monomer SDK

Recently in our Discord there has been some discussion around how to build / integrate with Polymer and its products. There seemed to be some confusion still left so I’ll give an overview here.

  1. Our main product right now is the Polymer Hub; the interoperability hub for Ethereum rollups. This will initially support integration with OP stack based rollups (OP and Base are being used for testnet, but extension to other EVM based OP stack rollups should be trivial).

There are two main groups of users that can benefit from Polymer Hub right now.

  • cross-chain applications protocols deciding to deploy as dApps on an EVM OP stack rollup
  • new EVM OP stack rollups (general-purpose or application specific) that want to connect to Polymer to interoperate with other OP stack rollups
  1. Technically, the way we built Polymer Hub as an OP stack rollup using the Cosmos SDK as the execution engine (instead of the more common op-geth) can be extended as a framework for building Cosmos SDK OP stack rollups. This is what we call Monomer SDK.

We do intend to offer this to interested app rollup builders who want to use Cosmos SDK as the application engine but settle onto Ethereum.

We have yet to officially communicate the details surrounding the Monomer SDK framework, so we cannot give details on revenue sharing etc.

Polymer Hub is the priority right now though.

Conclusion: we envision both Polymer Hub and Monomer SDK to give application developers (whether they be dApps on general-purpose smart contracting purpose or an app rollup) a thriving ecosystem of interoperable rollups and connectivity to the broader IBC network


thx for the summary. I wish I could develop something and produce some application :slight_smile: I hope I can learn more and contribute something. However, I dont think I am competent enough to fill out the form. That’s why I’m passing the form :slight_smile:

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Interoperability is the most important part of Polymer for me. You guys did well…


Great break down of what i actually needed to know about Polymer Hub. Let’s see how it goes.

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Thanks for summary. PolymerLabs coming strong

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thank you for the information .

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