What is the difference between Universal and Custom Channel?

I’m trying to understand the difference between custom and universal channels on Polymer. When should I use custom channels vs universal channels?

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In the context of the Polymer blockchain project, universal channels allow application developers to use a shared channel for sending IBC packets without needing a specific channel handshake protocol before starting. This makes it easier for developers to start sending packets immediately after deploying their applications. On the other hand, custom channels require developers to create a specific IBC channel for their application, including implementing channel handshake protocols and callbacks. Custom channels function more like private lanes for IBC traffic between applications on different chains, offering a tailored approach for specific application needs​​.


Universal Channel is like a general channel where everyone can join and engage, while Custom Channel allows you to create your own specific channel with unique settings and privacy options. So, Universal is more open to all, while Custom gives you more control over your channel.

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