Regarding the gas fee

Hi team, I am curious about the gas fee when executing a transaction in the destination chain.

Let’s say I am sending a transaction to Optimism (SendPacket), and Polymer will handle the cross chain communication and RecvPacket will be called on the Base chain. What if there is a really expensive execution on Base? Can we pay for the gas when we send the transaction on Optimism?

Thank you


Great question!

As of right now (phase 1,2 of the testnet) the relayer is still taking care of all steps after the sendPacket tx.

In a subsequent phase (3 or 4 iirc) we’ll look to enable a relayer incentives scheme. You can imagine that if we open up relayers to be permissionless, there will have to be incentives attached for relayers to relay messages (and not eat all of the costs related to sending packets)

There’s two main protocols for relayer incentives we’re looking at:

  1. Generalised relayer incentives by Catalyst, check here.
  2. ICS-29: relayer fee middleware spec already used in Cosmos chains, check here.

The principle there is that a user/developer can specify how much fees they are willing to pay (with option to specify granularly for each step of the packet lifecycle).

This could then be exposed to the end user, or could be abstracted away by the application protocol (there’s some room for creativity there)


Thanks for the information provided! I will definitely check them out! :slight_smile: