Brainstorming about future

So I was thinking and it should be better thinking aloud with friends.

Here is my question, what will the most problematic issue of Polymer when its goes to mainnet? And how we can handle it?

It’s like brainstorming I want to hear your ideas.


I still can’t quite grasp how the connection between an IBC chain and an IBC incompatible chain (not from Cosmos) is established. From what I’ve seen presentations about Polymerlabs, a few solutions have been discussed. It would be clearer for me if I could get more detailed information about solutions. I really want to understand all of these new technologies :)) @mezonquark


Testnet is coming and that’s why testnets exist. We will actively see if there is a problem or not.


That isn’t what i mean, think about when Polymer start the mainnet and “problem” appeared, what will be the this problem and how you solve that? It is like crypto brain exercise about Polymer.

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Hey, did you already check out the docs on virtual IBC? Virtual IBC unlocks IBC adoption | Polymer Developer Docs

The TL;DR is that IBC is by its very nature quite modular, so it’s possible to have different “layers” on separate chains… that is what Polymer does with vIBC. It acts as the main sources of the IBC state and computation regarding all IBC activity, while on the IBC “incompatible” chain there’s a “virtual” IBC implementation that exposes the IBC APIs and is bound by the vIBC protocol to Polymer that is acting on behalf of the virtual chain for IBC state storage and computation.

Hope that makes sense?

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So as @Abdullah2861 mentioned, testnet is intended to discover and iron out the technical issues so we can launch mainnet without any known technical problems

My answer for now then would be: adoption and education. These go hand in hand as well. We believe IBC to be a superior protocol as far as interop is concerned BUT if developers don’t know it well enough to understand and appreciate its value proposition compared to bridges/other interop protocols then adoption will be lagging behind.

That’s why we’ll be calling onto our community to spread the word and educate the wider industry!


Yeah that’s would a problem and our mission for solving this problem might be make them understand like explaining to a child we should make easier and briefly. Like you guys made 1 min. video about ethereum’s problem and Polymer’s solution. That video make understand everyone. We should maybe make more of them. What do you think? @tmsdkeys

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One of the main problems with IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication) is ensuring security and trust between connected blockchains. Since different blockchains may have varying levels of security and consensus mechanisms, ensuring that assets can be safely transferred between them without risk of manipulation or fraud is crucial.

Its any plan polymer solve it?

Video content can definitely be powerful in explaining something quickly and effectively and we’ll be looking into using more of it

It is challenging though to explain the value prop in a way that is simple yet still reveals enough to understand the potential


Not sure what you mean by this, can you elaborate? The existing IBC network hasn’t had any security exploits to date and is fairly trust-minimized. (Between Cosmos chains using IBC the security is determined by the consensus of the “weakest link” in the connection hops)

And for Polymer, it will share a settlement layer with the rollups it will connect, so there’s not additional trust assumptions there by introducing Polymer as middle hop.
For reference: Introducing Polymer | Polymer Developer Docs

Using EigenDA as DA layer also ensures we use Ethereum security for that purposes


I think data integration of all L2 s may be main problem

Personally, i think that would be retrieved for testnet activities. Feedbacks from the community would be key in further development.

Thanks sir for explanation . i am checking again this link Virtual IBC unlocks IBC adoption | Polymer Developer Docs

Normally I would said can be ethereum l2s to cosmos ecosystem connecting error but IBC is so high quailty technology and Polymer made a revolution about it.

Maybe there are simple problems due to network congestion. This is a simple problem that can be fixed.

I agree with you.
In years to come IBC would be the front runner.