Decentralized Identity Verification in Online Education: A Blockchain-Based Solution

Our project aims to solve the challenge of decentralized identity verification in online education by building a blockchain-based solution. We plan to use existing decentralized identity standards and libraries to ensure a secure and reliable verification process.

About the Product
User story:

As an online education platform user, I want to securely verify my identity for exams and certifications so that my achievements are recognized and trusted.

Deliver a feature set to enable online education platforms to integrate decentralized identity verification for exams and certifications.
Implementation tips:

We plan to build a smart contract on a blockchain platform, utilizing decentralized identity standards such as [link to standards]. The user journey involves creating a secure digital identity, linking it to the education platform, and providing real-time verification during exams or certification processes.
Polymer’s role will be to enhance the overall user experience by providing a standardized environment for decentralized application (dApp) development. This ensures a seamless and consistent experience for end-users across different education platforms.

[Link to decentralized identity standards]
[Link to relevant blockchain libraries]
About the Team
Team Name: ESSC TEAM
Team Members:Cassini
[Member GitHub cassini] - Blockchain Developer

Looking for Members?:
Yes. We are looking for a Backend Developer experienced in blockchain technologies.
How to Reach Us:
Discord - [cassini8620]
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This is awesome!!

I’m particularly intrigued by the approach of integrating decentralized identity standards to ensure a secure verification process. This strikes me as a very interesting solution to foster trust and recognition across online education platforms.

However, I have a few clarifying questions:

  1. Regarding the decentralized identity standards you plan to utilize, are there specific frameworks or protocols you’ve identified as most suited to your needs? What other projects would be good to design this off of
  2. In terms of the user journey for creating and linking a secure digital identity, could you share more details on the expected steps from a user perspective?
  3. How do you envision Polymer enhancing the user experience in the development and implementation of your dApp?

Your project offers a promising solution to a real-world problem, and I’m excited to see how it develops. The integration of decentralized identity verification in online education could set a new standard for secure and recognized academic achievements.

Looking forward to hearing more about your project and wishing you the best in finding the right team members to bring this vision to life!

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