Please be clear when publish a feature document

hello chief, the feature description is not clear.

  1. NFT can only burn, how it be minted upon purchase of either an individual NFT
  2. what is the difference between BURN and Return to circulation.
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Hi there,

Regarding your questions, in my understanding:

  1. The requirement has already mentioned that “Allow users to earn points through tasks or games, and spend points on NFTs or the randomizer.”. So you should have an option in your frontend website that, allowing users to “purchase” the NFTs with relevant points.
  2. When you burn an NFT, you get a 20% point refunded, and as it burnt, it is already returned to the circulation.

Thanks @stevenlei, according to your says,

  1. people could use points to mint NFTs from Contract, or mint randomizer from contract.
  2. people return NFTs to circulation means burn them.

Hey @polymaster

  1. The minting of the NFT on purchase would happen on a cross-chain interaction, similar to what happened in Challenge 4. If you’re unsure how to implement this, check out that challenge first (if you haven’t)

  2. I’d have to have @kenobi confirm but from my understanding, I believe it means that when burning an NFT, it allows one extra to be minted. For example if the maximum amount of tokens is already circulating, burning one of type 3 would allow another user to mint another of type 3 etc.

    I guess this is in contrast to a burning function where no extra tokens could be minted once threshold is reached.

That’s how I interpret it

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Hey @Polymaster thank you for your feedback. I can work on updating to further clarify the requirements.

  1. NFTs can be both minted and burned, but are restricted from being transferred. NFTs can be purchased by PolyERC20 tokens. NFTs can be burned in exchange for a refund / return of PolyERC20 tokens at ~20% of the purchase price of the NFTs

  2. The BURN and Return to circulation processes are related to one another. When an NFT is burned PolyERC20 tokens are distributed to the user as a refund in exchange for burning the NFT.

I hope this helps. Please let me know if I can add any additional clarification.