Food for Thought: What would you build if all chains were inter connected?

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Most probably i will build a dApp about Defi and name will be iconic :smiley: , so if it’s not about technology of chains then it’s about hype for me. And if all chains were inter connected then i will focus on hype for sure :smiley:


Here’s this idea I’ve been cooking up: imagine this online marketplace that changes digital transactions. It’s like the ultimate spot where you can vibe with all kinds of digital currencies—Bitcoin, Ethereum, you name it. This platform links up different blockchain tech, making it easy for users to stash and trade their digital goods.

Now: You’ve got someone selling a one-of-a-kind item in Bitcoin, and here comes a buyer who’s all about that Ethereum life. Thanks to some nifty tech in the background, the whole trade goes down smooth as butter. Easy peasy :smile:


I would plan a complete dapp including dex, wallet, metaverse and web3 applications

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If all chains were interconnected, I’d focus on creating a universal financial platform that leverages this unprecedented level of interoperability to offer a truly global, inclusive, and efficient financial ecosystem. Imagine a platform where users could seamlessly access and transact with any asset across any blockchain, whether it’s cryptocurrencies, tokenized stocks, real estate, or even unique digital goods like NFTs. This platform would not only simplify transactions across different blockchains but also bring down barriers for entry into the financial markets, making it easier for people from all walks of life to invest, save, and manage their finances. :grinning:


At the same time, this interconnectedness can create unprecedented problems in the event of a disaster.

This will revolutionise the way we interact with digital assets and services, paving the way for cross-chain DeFi platforms, interoperable NFTs and universal usage access control.

Buying an Nft in ethereum, listing in bitcoin, royalties in sol etc…
That would be really crazy :grimacing:

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