vIBC SDK project description

I’m excited to share my project proposal for participating in the vIBC SDK for easier deployment on new rollups #11. I’ve outlined my project idea below and would greatly appreciate any feedback from the team.

Project Features

Current Improvement Directions:

  • Foundry Support: Integrate Foundry to enhance smart contract testing and development.
  • CLI Tool: Develop a CLI tool for creating custom IBC channels and sending packets.
  • IBC App Scaffolding: Implement a CLI that scaffolds IBC app templates, streamlining the setup process.
  • Polymer Chain Registry NPM Package: Package the Polymer chain registry as an npm module for easier distribution and use.
  • Deployment Testing: Evaluate deployment with various tools such as ThirdWeb, Tenderly, and others, and build an issue report if necessary.
  • Constructor Arguments in arguments.js: Address the issue outlined here.
  • Contract Verification: Add support for verifying contracts as discussed here.

Additional Ideas:

  • TypeScript Support: To enhance maintainability and readability, consider rewriting the codebase in TypeScript, which will introduce strong typing.
  • Linting: Implement linting tools to ensure code quality, which is especially beneficial for third-party contributions.
  • Fetch API: Replace axios with the native fetch API for HTTP requests.

Technical Stack

  • Bun: Utilize Bun, a fast and developer-friendly runtime, as used by Viem.
  • Simple-Git-Hooks: Integrate simple-git-hooks to add a linting check before commits, ensuring code quality.


  1. Refactor the codebase to TypeScript.
  2. Develop and publish the CLI scaffolding tool as an npm package.
  3. Integrate Foundry support.
  4. Address additional improvements and features.

I welcome any questions or suggestions you may have. Please feel free to post them below.



Those milestones will provide great improvements and the Polymer Labs team will definitely support this work moving forward.

Looking forward to it


Congratulations, very good idea…

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GitHub - script-money/vibc-sdk first version sdk has released !
Use commands below to download newest template

npm i -g vibc-sdk
vibc new [project-name]
vibc new [project-name] --typescript