Problem creating a cross chain dapp

I forked my repo from the polymer solidity template
But taking a look at the contracts there’s no x ballot nft.json there

Am I to add it myself or can I copy Thomas’s own?
If I’m to add mine,how do I get the code?

Infact there are lots of missing folders in mine


Hey @nuelty could you please provide more details around the issue you are facing. What repo did you fork? Please provide a link

Contracts are written in solidity so they would be .sol files.

Please further explain what you are trying to accomplish so we can best help

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I forked from here
Now some folders are missing like x ballot nft.json, .env
Unlike the one Thomas showed us during office hours
I’d like to know…do I create all these missing folders myself and fill in the code too?
Or can I just copy the code from Thomas’s repo

Hey @nuelty

To keep the template lean, we don’t add any additional projects there directly. Instead there’s GitHub - polymerdao/demo-dapps: Repository for official demo-dapps leveraging Polymer Hub, using the ibc-app-solidity-template structure (a fork of ibc-app-solidity-template) that includes a growing list of example apps

hope that helps!

So this means I can copy the template and use it for mine?


Sure, how you structure your projects is up to you but the idea behind the template is to enabled you to use it as boilerplate to get set up easily :mechanical_arm:

I get the error message
Command not found in just file

Can you help?

Please man
Any help with this?
I keep on getting this error message anything I try to use the send vote info command

This is the link to my repo

Hey @nuelty, looking at your repo, you do not have the file scripts/private/_send-vote-info-config.js

Therefore, your just recipe is failing.

Hello Kenobi
Where do I add the file?
In my justfile right or it’s separate altogether?

The just file is executing the command:

node scripts/private/_send-vote-info-config.js

you need to add the file send_vote-info-config.js in the directory scripts/private