Could Polymer talk with cosmos projects?

I wonder polymer could communicate with cosmos projects like Namada ? Need to coordinate with hermes IBC fork ?


Yes, that is our eventual goal with the Polymer Hub. You’d need establish a Polymer (Polymer is an Ethereum L2) client on Cosmos. Would have to double check your query about the Hermes fork, but I believe that is more to do with setting up Relayers


One additional nuance: there would need to be 1 Cosmos (SDK) chain that supports a Polymer client. Then all of the other Cosmos chains that can connect to that “port city” chain, could leverage multi-hop IBC channels to connect to Polymer and the ETH L2s it connects.

If the Cosmos Hub or Osmosis would take on the role of running the Polymer client you could connect Namada and Base for example like this:

Namada <> Cosmos Hub <> Polymer <> Base

which is a multi-hop IBC channel with 3 underlying hops

Extra materials:


When you connect one, it’s like connecting them all.

Integrations of this nature are typically facilitated by Hermes, a Rust implementation of the IBC protocol that enables message and data transfers between different blockchain networks. If a Polymer project wishes to interact with the Cosmos ecosystem and specifically projects like Namada, it may require a fork of the Hermes IBC to accommodate custom integration and communication needs.


Polymer Eth is designed as Layer2 layer. First of all, it will offer an innovation for ethereum layers. In the future, it may be integrated with all blockchains with IBC logic. Polymer has this power


Do we need to develop contracts based on customized Hermes fork ?

Hermes is not really involved here at all.

To write Solidity contracts all you need is:

The relayer support is taken care of by other actors, application developers (by default) do not have to worry about that