IBC Institutional with Banks

At February 21nd I saw a comment from @JTremback and he tweet

What happens when your bank has an IBC connection?

And 22nd @0xPeterK answer like this

A little alpha… we may or may not be working on a new product currently coined as “IBC Institutional” exactly for this… :eyes:

So I am pretty sure team will perfectly give good informations about that but I want to know your ideas about that Polymer Pals!

How could this be useful? - What will happen to CEXs if this happen, most of us just using CEXs because of bank operations?

I am really hungry to informations, so please let’s try to make your guess with good informations!


Firstly thanks to you for wrote it.

When I saw their tweets I said" wuut ? They are crazy!" But I know they can do it successfully. Everybody thinks Polymer connecting just eth L2s and cosmos but I dont think so same. I think Polymer wanna get connect eth l2 projects , cosmos , cexs and banks with IBC .

I already said before time to my friends. Polymer get success a revolution but it is not last one. They continue to make more :slight_smile:


Should it connect your lover one to you? what else do you want?

ROFL that would be a good meme @samsunda19

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i will try to make one :smiley:

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It looks like it will be a game-changer for how financial institutions and banks can interact with the blockchain world. The idea of seamlessly transferring value between different blockchain networks could be revolutionary. not just how we think about international money transfers, but also about asset management and cross-border payments. This type of innovation can significantly reduce transaction costs, speed up processes and increase security. The official announcement, just the possibility of such a product, makes me excited about the future of finance. Assuming the regulatory and technical challenges can be overcome, it feels like we’re on the cusp of a major shift towards a more digitized and modern financial ecosystem. I’m definitely keeping my eyes peeled for any updates on this topic.

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